Atlanta Redemption Ink helps
survivors transform their lives

A Conyers woman who experienced her own trauma and abuse is reaching out to help others in similar situations find some measure of relief through tattoo removals and covers.

Jessica Lamb started Atlanta Redemption Ink (ARI) last spring. ARI focuses on restoring dignity to survivors of exploitation, trauma and abuse by turning marks of hurt into depictions of hope, recovery and freedom. They assist recovered self-harmers, women/minors with sex trafficking brandings (forced tattoos by traffickers marking them as property), gang/hate tattoos, and domestic violence scars/burns. ARI connects survivors with partnered and trusted artists to assist in the tattoo removals and covers.

“I started ARI because I am a survivor who has seen my share of trauma and abuse,” Lamb said. “I saw a need here in the Southeast in the after care area of helping survivors of exploitation, trauma and abuse, so I decided to fill it.